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A new twist in the Salman Khan hit and run case!

Apparently, Sallu mian can heave a sigh of relief as his driver has popped out of nowhere and admitted to driving the SUV that caused immense damage to five people.

On the night of September 28, 2002 Salman’s SUV was involved in what was made out to be a hit and run case in which four people were injured and one died. Salman had always denied being a part of the accident and had categorically stated that he had stayed on the spot for quite some time before having his driver inform the police. His driver Ashok Singh’s admission in court corroborated what the star actor had been claiming along all this time. Claiming that the accident occurred as a result of the tyre bursting, Ashok also admitted that he was the one behind the wheel and not the Dabangg star. This is what Salman’s driver admitted to as regards to the night of the accident:-

“I was driving when the tyre burst and the brake jammed. The car went over the steps. I saw that people were trapped beneath. I got out of the right side and Salman too got out of the right side as the left door was jammed.”

“I then dialed 100 and went to the police station and narrated the accident. They told me the police had left for the spot. I was asked to wait. I told Salman I was suspecting foul play,” he said.

Earlier, the case was proving to be fatal for Salman after his bodyguard stated that the Bollywood star had been drunk the night of the accident and had sped as a result. Salman had denied the accusations vehemently and stated that he had only consumed water at a bar and not alcohol.

If Salman gets convicted, he could face up to a 10 year jail sentence. For now, the actor seems to be off the hook due to his driver’s recent confession and it can mean that Dabangg Khan won’t be wearing prison stripes anytime soon!




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