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A PTI supporter’s letter to the Chairman: Imran Khan

A few years passed and I grew up enough to read the banners of your Welfare trust on roads. I was deeply impressed. “Khalain Shaukat Khanum k Liye”, the slogan moved me. I belong to the class of Pakistan who had scarcely ever taken interest in politics before. Then you came and mobilized us. Seeing a well-educated and reasonable person as a political leader was a breath of fresh air for us, after all the drama that we have witnessed in Pakistani Politics. Your claim that Pakistan will be transformed into a welfare state like the state of Madina, increased the respect I had for you and I started working tirelessly for PTI’s win in the 2013 elections. After seeing your stance on NATO supply and peace talks, I was even more convinced that you care about all the communities of Pakistan. The Tameer-e-school project won my heart along with many others, it was indeed the best step coming from a Pakistani Politician in a long time. You called for the long march and you had my full-support, since coming out on roads for the electoral reforms is my primal duty as a patriot. I wanted my vote to be transparent. After all that, just one step shook my faith. Toppling the government? How would this step bring the electoral reforms? How would this one-two-day sit-in at D-Chowk educate this nation that their vote is important? Sorry, but this only gives out the impression that this leader, once thought of as different, is actually no different and just wants to attain power like all others. Imran Khan Sahab, this Nation needs you, this nation needs a leader like who can mobilize educated people , motivate them to come out on the roads, but I am afraid you will lose this inspirational impression of yours if you would not go slow in the process. Even if the government topples, and a re-election is announced, still who can guarantee that the new elections would be clean? Sir, it is time that you put your ego aside, and make the main subject of long march to bring electoral reforms, because you have indeed succeeded in putting up a great pressure on the government.

Abdullah Umar Khalid




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