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A website for you to slap Aamir Khan!

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has been recently embroiled in a raging controversy, ever since he passed comments on India being ‘intolerant’. Aamir had also disclosed that his wife Kiran had also suggested him to leave the country, in light of recent attacks on Muslims in India. After the comments made by Khan, Indian rightist political organisation Shiv Sena criticised Aamir and said that whosoever slaps the actor, he will be rewarded Rs 100,000 per slap!
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Have you ever wanted to pocket the amount for yourself? Well, getting to Aamir Khan might be impossible for the average person however, two Indians students have helmed a website through which you still get to slap Aamir virtually! Himanish Ashar and Dhvani Shah made a website www.slapaamir.com through which you can deliver tight slaps to the Pk actor!

As you move the cursor to slap Aamir, the photo changes everytime, which is quite hilarious. A slap counter on the top-right corner lets you know how many people have delivered the slaps.

Aamir Khan

Deliver another slap, and here’s how his face changes:-

Aamir Khan

What are you waiting for? If you’re not an Aamir Khan fan, you’ll have a field day with this website!



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