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Aamina Sheikh talks about motherhood and her career in latest interview

Aamina Sheikh has always delivered exemplary performances on the silver screen and amassed a huge fan following. Considered as one of the finest actresses of Pakistani cinema in the modern era, her latest film Bachaana also received good reviews for its humorous dialogues. The actress recently gave an interview and spoke about how she had carefully planned on becoming a motherhood.

“I made this decision on the point where I felt that I have the understanding of the industry and I will have my own career path where I can proceed with my family and my offspring,” she said. Aamina also talked about how she abhorred how people were constantly pessimistic and harboured conventional thoughts.

Aamina Sheikh
“I thought very carefully to enter into motherhood. You know all the conventional talks, ‘Oh you are married now this will happen.’ ‘Oh you have a kid now so this will happen.’ I abhor this mindset and it makes me take it as a challenge. I feel that I have to prove them wrong.”

Aamina began her career as a television producer and then ventured into modeling. Before long, she also became an actress and garnered immense fame in 2012 when she won an award for best actress at the New York City International Film Festival. Talking about her career, Aamina said she was more focused on films.

Aamina Sheikh

“I am more focused towards films now and for that it’s really important for me to prepare myself,” she said. “I haven’t proved myself in the commercial cinema as yet but I want to. So, I will do more mainstream films now.”

Speaking about her daughter, Sheikh also narrated an interesting story as to how she and her husband, Mohib Mirza, came to name her. According to the Josh actess, she and husband Mohib Mirza are Game of Thrones enthusiasts.
“We are very fond of Game of Thrones. There’s a character called Khaleesi, who is the mother of the dragons. When she becomes the queen, the whole world calls her Meissa. Whenever, she enters somewhere, crowd starts chanting Meissa! Meissa! So, that thing lasted in our minds, especially Mohib’s,” she said.

Regarding her child, Aamina said her daughter was a ‘such a calm baby.’



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