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Aamir Khan apologizes for Pk

Upon its release, Pk emerged as the most successful Indian movie of all time and broke the record of the highest grossing Bollywood film overseas. The movie has not only become a benchmark for excellence in the Indian film industry, it has emerged as a trendsetter. With its witty dialogues, to the unique plot and the uncanny, funny instances (remember the dancing cars) Pk was adorned throughout India. It was, however, also the subject of much criticism and flak on account of making fun of the various religions practiced across India as well as the country’s cultural traditions. Aamir Khan, however, recently apologized if his mega hit film injured anyone’s religious sentiments and stated that it wasn’t on purpose.

“The film has been loved by the majority. Personally I want to say I feel bad if I hurt a single person; that was not my intention at all. What we wanted to tell we told that because it was an important point. But I want to apologise if I hurt people,” Aamir said at the DVD launch of PK.

Khan was at the event to launch the DVD of Pk. The DVD contained deleted scenes which the audience have not seen. Director Raj Kumar Hirani explained as to why some scenes which were quite funny, had to be deleted and not included in the final cut.

“This is the first time that I had deleted scenes in a film. Now when we watch them (deleted scenes) we realized those scenes were funny but because of the length we could not include it,” Hirani said.

The movie is about an alien who journeys to planet Earth, as part of a research team to study the planet and its inhabitants. After his tracking device gets stolen right at the very beginning, the humanoid makes desperate attempts to regain his lost possession (without which his spaceship cannot track him). In several scenes of the movie, Khan involuntarily incurs the wrath of the local population by asking questions that refute Hindu religious beliefs, such as the presence of Bhagwan in a statue, etc.

Pk pasting photos of the Hindu deity on his cheek to prevent from getting slapped.



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