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Aamir Khan: Consider myself, Shah Rukh and Salman still young!

Mr.Perfectionist recently cut the cake a day in advance, to welcome his 50th birthday. In the presence of media on Friday, Aamir Khan stated that he didn’t consider himself an old fellow or someone who was no longer young. In contrast, the Pk star disclosed that he still feels young, ¬†not more than an 18 or 20 year old. According to the versatile actor, age was just a number. He also voiced the same thoughts as far as his contemporaries Salman and Shah Rukh were concerned and stated that they too were not in their twilight years.

Aamir poses with his birthday cake


‘I still feel like all three of us, me, Shah Rukh and Salman are still young. I never feel as if I am more than eighteen or twenty years old. In fact, in a matter of two to three years, we will attain 25!” Aamir also reminisced about his past in the Bollywood film industry and viewed it as sort of a bittersweet experience. Khan said that people consider him a thorough professional by referring to him as Mr.Perfectionist but in reality some of his films from days past, could have been better. He said that he doesn’t like watching his earlier films and some of them also did not perform well early on.

“Being part of those films was a learning experience for me. I got a lot to learn from those movies and today, whatever I am, is due to those failures early on.”

In case any of you are wondering as to why and how Aamir feels young and youthful, well he did disclose certain dietary changes he has made in his lifestyle. The veteran actor elaborated the fact that he had adopted a vegan lifestyle and attributed this change in his life to wife Kiran Rao.

Wishing Aamir all the best in his future endeavors, we hope and pray he continues feeling energetic and vibrant like this at all times!



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