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Hopes of overconfident Khan die out with India defeat


Khan was cocksure that India will roll over Aussies to hammer New Zealand in the finale to lift the cup for another time. But his certainty that team India will emerge as champions in the mega event embarrassed him for fending off reality and powerful Australian side who have a splendid tournament so far.

Australia today hammered India with a big margin of 95 runs to barge its way in the much-anticipated finale with Kiwis at Melbourne on Sunday.

Similarly, India hit a raw nerve with their World Cup advertisement showing how they have defeated Pakistan in the tournament five times in a row since 1992. And they continued the series targeting other teams with a slug line “Mauka Mauka” (chance, chance). Their ad featured Indian side as unbeatable in the world.

Just two days ago, South African cricket team was handed a defeat by New Zealand in a nail biting encounter. The win saw New Zealand through to the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 where they await either India or Australia in the final. Today’s encounter between the defending champions and Australia will determine who the Kiwis face in their quest to lift the trophy for the very first time, that too on their home turf. Khan however, seemed to be least bothered about New Zealand’s impressive run in the tournament and stated (as you can quite clearly see) that New Zealand’s defeat is destined at the hands of India. Aamir, known as Mr.Perfectionist, seems to be following the cricket world cup regularly, Besides the one tweet in which he egged his national team on, Aamir also tweeted regarding Tuesday’s semifinal clash between South Africa and New Zealand.

Aamir’s next movie will be Dangal in which he plays a retired wrestler for which he seems to have put on some weight and sported an ‘older’ look. The actor is known for his professional and meticulous attitude when it comes to selecting projects. His latest movie Pk garnered critical acclaim and was an immense success at the box office. Pk also became the highest international grossing Bollywood film of all time. An interesting fact to note here would be that his Pk co-star Anushka Sharma has flown to Australia to cheer team India on by lifting Virat Kohli’s spirits!

As Pk Aamir did seem to have psychic powers at certain instances in the film. However, currently the team he’s rooting for seems to be in trouble against the mighty Aussies!



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