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Aamir Khan to do Robot 2

Robot was a science fiction techno thriller blockbuster of 2010 by a regional ace filmmaker Shankar. The sequel of Robot is the most talk about topic in the industry, there was a buzz that Hirthik and Amitabh Bachchan are the top contenders for the lead role but now it is heard that Aamir has given a final nod to be in Robot 2.

The main leads in Robot was performed by the superstar Rajnikanth and beautiful Ashwariya Rai, the film did a rocking business on the Box-office.  Now it is learnt that Mr. Perfectionist has finally given the nod to the legendary filmmaker Shankar about being a part of the sequel.

Aamir positive nod is a signal that film will now reach new heights. These are just the initial reports, details about the films are awaited.



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