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Aamir Khan's harsh criticism of Bollywood!

The Pk star was of the view that content being made these days was not made for children and the ones that were, scared him.

“If you look at our children’s content, it’s almost negligible, and the little that I see is very scary… It scares me to see the kind of children’s content they are making.”, said Mr.Perfectionist. He also lamented the fact that the film industry was in a position to uphold societal values like honesty and truth yet it promoted dishonesty instead.

“We as a creative industry or media have a huge opportunity in front of us. Huge opportunity in building the nation with how we make children perceive what is honesty,” he said. “Today,unfortunately, we are in a time where dishonesty is looked upon. How do we bring in a quality that people can admire?”

The Pk further said that this was the case with every industry and not the film industry alone. He also highlighted the importance and influence that TV and film industry had in making a positive impact.

“This is what I feel whether it is the television industry, or the film industry or the media, here is an opportunity for us, to transform and contribute to nation building. We can change a generation of children,” he said.

Aamir has also directed and starred in a movie that featured a child as the central character. In the movie, Khan plays a sympathetic schoolteacher who understands the problems of a special child and guides him to achieve glory. The film’s positive message was appreciated across India and the movie was a big success. Aamir Khan’s Pk also contains subliminal positive messages for the masses. The film’s plot and Pk’s character was used to highlight how often human beings lie and cheat each other.

Aamir is an established and maverick actor from Bollywood. Having starred in numerous films which have grossed astronomical amounts, it’s safe to say that Aamir’s criticism should be heeded, at the most!



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