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Aamir Khan's latest fan: Jackie Chan!

Apparently, Aamir has made ripples across the world. Even Hollywood action star, Jackie Chan has been a fan of Aamir’s artistic movies and though he claimed to watch just a handful of Bollywood movies, he did say that 3 Idiots was the one that enthralled him the most.

Chan is busy promoting his new movie Dragon Blade via interviews these days. In response to a question asked by the interviewer about considering a Bollywood film, the high flying Chinese actor replied,”You know, I watch very few Bollywood movies, but I loved 3 idiots, which was a big success in Hong Kong. I really love Aamir Khan, I became an overnight fan of Aamir.”

The star also disclosed that the film industry didn’t play a part in determining which movie he would select or not. If the script appealed to Jackie, he went for it. He said, “I don’t think about acting in terms of doing a Bollywood or Hollywood movie. The most important thing is the script. So yes, if there is a good script here, I would love to do a film.”

Jackie Chan has previously starred in a movie titled The Myth with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. The two are reportedly good friends and have been pictured together on events quite often. He also revealed his plans to start filming a new project soon in autumn  which will enable him to visit India.

“I am planning to start a new movie called Kung Fu Yoga. So, I will be returning to film it in India. Hopefully, we will start filming in autumn.”

Aamir Khan’s movies have attracted international attention on more than one occasion. The 3 Idiots star has also been invited to lecture Harvard students regarding his role in the movie Pk and his role as an alien in the film. It would satisfy millions of fans across the world if these two fine actors would star in a movie together. Keeping in mind Chan’s views about Bollywood actors, the prospect is not highly unlikely!





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