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After Aamir, Salman faces protests

Bollywood star Salman Khan who recently supported Sri Lankan President by running his electoral campaign in Sri Lanka faced a mass protest infront of his house in Bandra, Mumbai on 4th January.

A large crowd of pro-Tamil activist was gathered outside Salman’s house who said they were hurt by Salman’s decision to canvass lankan President. The demonstrators asked Salman to respect his countrymen’s sentiments and not go to Lanka again. Some 10 to 15 plunderers at the demonstration site was also taken into custody by Mumbai police.

An international community member of demonstrators group said “Salman is a citizen of India and cannot participate in the election process of another country.” The demonstrators wanted nothing from Salman but urged the actor to respect their emotions.

Tamil group in India are against the president of Sri Lanka who ended a long bloody civil war in his country by defeating Tamil Tiger rebels. They had also objected an award ceremony that was organized in Sri Lanka in 2010 and South filmmakers did not even attend that event.



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