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Aamir Sohail shames India over dual stance on playing cricket with Pakistan

Former Pakistan opener Aamir Sohail on Wednesday slammed India’s cricketing authorities for holding a dual stance on playing cricket with Pakistan.

Here is the video

During a talkshow on India’s Aaj Tak TV, Aamir was expressing his expert opinion ahead of Champions Trophy where he said that he could not understand the duality in India’s “hardened stance” on playing cricket with Pakistan.

“I am surprised if you take a hardened stance on boycotting Pakistan on cricketing field then why do you play with Pakistan in ICC events? is it because money is involved? is it because the Indian broadcasters showing ICC matches will bear losses if you opt out of World Cup or ICC matches against Pakistan?” asked the former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team.

He added that if India is taking a “hardened stance” then it should also opt out of matches against Pakistan in ICC events.

“I will see when your broadcaster is not involved, your point will be well taken if you opt out of ICC matches too,” said Aamir Sohail.

Surprisingly, the Indian penalists Harbhajan Singh and Azharuddin too agreed with Aamir Sohail.

Harbhajan Singh maintained that the tensions between India and Pakistan are not due to play cricket with each other but when the ties soar, cricket suffers.

“We should decide what is more important for us… if we put our country first, then we should boycott all matches, be it from ICC events or tour matches,” said Harbhajan Singh.

Former Indian captain Azharuddin also agreed with Aamir Sohail and Harbhajan Singh and opined that trade between the two countries goes on as usual despite the tension on border but it is the game which suffers.



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