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AAP's Tina Sharma slaps party leader on live TV show

NEW DELHI: In what turned out to be a live shocking TV moment, a leader of Aam Aadmi Party Tina Sharma slapped party spokesman Ejaz Khan during a talk show, for ‘misbehaving’ with her.                                                                                                       

Responding to her slapping Ejaz Khan, Sharma said she had no regret on her act, adding Khan was misbehaving with her.                                                     

The shocking moment came when the news anchor asked Khan to apologise to Sharma following a heated exchange of words between the two. On Khan's refusal, Sharma reached out and slapped him.                                                    

Detailing on how Khan instigated her, Sharma said, "Khan was misbehaving with me throughout the live TV debate. He called me mentally ill, shameless and cheap. Khan also said that I was greedy for a party ticket."                                                   

Sharma said that the other panelists during the debate were also disapproving of Khan's ways. "He was blacked out during the debate and the anchor asked him to apologise to me," said Sharma.

The AAP leader said, "The show anchor told Khan that the debate would continue only if he apologised. Nonetheless, Khan refused to apologise and continued misbehaving with me. I did not have an answer to the kind of language Khan was using."                                                                                                     

The panel was discussing the topic 'Does Arvind Kejriwal also indulge in caste politics?' when the shocking incident occurred.                                                    



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