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Abdullah case: Prime suspect in Halima’s murder held in Karachi

The suspect was identified through the CCTV footage of the Edhi Center, where he left Abdullah, allegedly after murdering his mother. He had since then disappeared and the law enforcers were on a hunt for him.

Police, however, traced Rizwan’s whereabouts today and apprehended him near Super Highway.

A few days ago, dead body of a woman was recovered from a flat in Dehli Colony. The woman was identified as Halima, who lived in the flat with her son Abdullah.

Investigations revealed that Rizwan had helped Halima rent the flat, while he was also caught on the CCTV camera while leaving the child, Abdullah, at Edhi Center.

Police suspect that Rizwan murdered Halima.

On the other hand, Abdullah’s father and stepbrother, Chaudhry Iqbal and Ansar Chaudhry, have been making efforts to acquire birth certificate of the child to claim his custody in the court.

Iqbal and his son had come to Edhi Center to take along their child, but they were denied custody by the Edhi Center.

The child’s stepbrother says they will approach the court seeking custody once they manage to get Abdullah’s birth certificate.

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