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Abid Sher says nation will celebrate Pakistan’s 65th birthday tomorrow

Later, on reminding by ARY News reporter Farwa Batool the minister later apologized that he had mistakenly said 65th birthday it was actually 69th.

Farwa Batool said it was not clear whether it was the impact of hot weather that he forgot the birthday year or what.

“God knows why these leaders are pushing our country back rather than taking it forward,” she said.

Abid Sher Ali had come to condole with the lawyer community in Faisalabad over the tragic incident of Quetta.

During his visit to District Bar Association, he assured the lawyer community that the government was fully aware of their sentiments and was taking all-out measures to eradicate terrorism from the country.

He said that the Pakistan Army and the government were concentrating on the combing operation against terrorists.

Abid Sher Ali forgets the exact year of… by arynews



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