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Abid Sher, Talal Chaudhry accept Sindh minister’s challenge of 50 push-ups

“Arm-twisting with the federal government is not good,” said Abid Sher Ali while responding to the challenge extended by the Sindh sports minister.

He said first he will make him exercise then do 50 push-ups. Not just push-ups we will do yoga along as well.

Talal Chaudhry said personal challenges did not suit politicians. They should rather compete in service to masses. Sindh minister should see where youth needed sports facilities.

“Roads of Lahore are clean, while heaps of garbage are piled on Karachi arteries. The real competition is in serving masses but I am ready to compete in push-ups as well,” he said.

It is not good to blackjack with federal… by arynews

Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar did at least 50 press-ups before a camera and his footage ran by almost all TV channels. The minister’s video came with a challenge to his Punjab counterparts to replicate the same.

According to media reports, after push-ups challenge the sports minister has extended arm-wrestling challenge as well.

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He said it was not as such a serious competition, however such activities would help us get closer.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said it was a good activity, but he would be really happy when the sports minister performed his duty well.

Sindh minister throws ‘push-ups’ challenge to… by arynews



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