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Abidi lashes out at opponents of anti-terrorism operation

Expressing his views in ARY News show ‘Sawal Ye Hai’ Faisal Raza Abidi stated thatĀ  political parties should throw out criminals from their ranks as once arrested they will bring bad name to the party itself.

“I have told you in the past too that no matter how many operations you conduct inside the country, the criminals arrested will have links to some politician in the end”, Abid told the show’s anchor Dr. Danish.

However, the former senator maintained that political parties are not responsible for an individual worker’s crime but if they do not pay heed or throw him out, they will be blamed.

“None should be allowed to cry foul then”, said Abidi.

Former president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Karachi accused political forces of making the Karachi operation ‘controversial’ citing the reason that most of the parties think they will have to bear the brunt of it all.

He asked the anchor that in a city where markets, open spaces, parks and even mosques are not safe, is it not the responsibility of government to take action.

Abidi vociferously condemned all those elements that are trying to make the operation against terrorism a ‘controversial’ one by saying that he and the common people of Pakistan know that only criminals are being arrested and prosecuted.

“All those who are clean are back to their homes”, claimed Abidi.

Rangers speaking to media

The former PPP stalwart replied to the objection raised by some politicians that Rangers should not talk to media after search operation by saying that the Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah is the captain of operation and if he will not defend Sindh Rangers, Rangers have all the right in the world to appear on media.

Abidi who resigned from his senate seat in April 2014 was of the view that there is no way out for Pakistan than drawing a line between law abiding and law breaking citizens.

“If these politicians even make mockery of this operation, anarchy will follow”, said an angry Abidi.

Another guest in the program Air Marshal (retd) Shahid Latif said that there may be not single householdĀ  in Karachi that is not affected by terrorism adding that all political parties of the city had demanded the operation.



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