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Abrar to auction BMW to provide aid to displaced Rohingya

Renowned singer and politician Abrar-ul-Haq will auction his BMW car to raise funds for the Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution and violence in Myanmar.

Abrar appeared on ARY Zindagi program ‘Salaam Zindagi’ on Monday and said he will visit Bangladesh next week to provide aid through the Sahara for Life Trust.

He prayed that the problems and calamities which the Rohingya have endured are reduced. He said his charity organization has helped distressed people such as during the floods and another disaster around the world.

Abrar said a fund of Rs5 million has been collected for the Rohingya refugees to provide humanitarian aid.

Furthermore, he said he will auction this BMW car originally worth Rs6 million. The starting bid is Rs2 million and all proceeds will also be used to help the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Abrar thanked his donors who help raise the funds and those who will accompany him to Bangladesh.



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