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Accomplice cop to George Floyd’s murder had extensive criminal record

One of the three former police officers charged with aiding and abetting the murder of George Floyd had a string of criminal offences and traffic violations before he became an officer of the law.

Thomas Lane, 37, of St. Paul, was charged in relation to Floyd’s death, which happened when he was on his fourth full-time shift as a police officer.

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Before he joined the force, Lane had racked up a slew of traffic violations and became an officer despite having a criminal record.

Lane was convicted of seven charges in total, among them obstructing legal process and one charge of damaging property.

He had also worked a variety of jobs in the service industry before he was hired as a police officer.

Lane’s personnel file has been released by his former employer, the Minneapolis Police Department, but with many sections redacted.

His file notes that Lane left high school before graduating and then held at least ten jobs between 2010 and 2017.

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During this time, he pursued his GED and a college degree as he worked as a laborer, a telemarketer, a server, a bartender, a security guard, and a sales associate.

In 2017, he began a job as a juvenile correctional officer and assistant probation officer, the file states.



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