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Accused examiner denies sexual Harassment accusations

KARACHI: Recently a female student took to Facebook to address an alleged incident of sexual harassment that she faced at the hands of an examiner during a biology practical test.

In her detailed post, she mentioned how the examiner was responsible for harassing a number of students by passing sleazy comments and by physical contact.

The student further said that all of this made her “extremely uncomfortable” and she had “no idea what to do”, adding that none of us said anything to him because he kept threatening to deduct our marks.

She further stated that almost all the girls of the first batch became victim of the harassment of a single man but were all too scared and confused over what to do.

“I am still completely shaken that we had to go through this. Approximately 80 girls were sexually harassed that day and our teacher told us to keep quiet because she didn’t want us to lose marks, she said.

Now the Accused Sadat Bashir statement has also come to light where he denied the accusations against him. Bashir stated that this is all a false propaganda against him. He said that he was being pressurized by the schools on giving students full marks on their practicals.

“Education institutions like APS&Bahria always pressurize me to award maximum marks to students in practical exams but I give marks to students on basis of their performance. I am being victimized for that,” he claimed.

The college in question also issued a statement assuring that justice will be served and that the administration is taking serious notice of the matter.

“With regards to information appearing on Facebook, Bahria College Islamabad regrets the unfortunate incident where an external examiner appointed by FBISE harassed the female students during their HSSC practical exams,” a statement issued by the college reads.

“The college administration has taken serious notice of the incident and has lodged a complaint with the FBISE as well as the Ministry of Education against Sadat Bashir, practical examiner for biology,” the statement added.



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