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Few actors holding 18 crore masses into hostage, says Siraj

Addressing the JI officials and workers who have gathered at Minar-e-Pakistan from all over the country, Sirajul Haq vowed to give away effective subsidy on basic necessities of a commoner, if he ever came into power.

In his address with the women’s session of the three day long JI public gathering, the JI emir claimed to inquire parents who do not allow their daughters to go to schools and seek education.

He said, “If his party rose to power, it will provide interest-free loans to the women”.

Earlier to him, the JI secretary general, Liaquat Baloch in his address vowed that the struggle of Jamat e Islami will be continued on the path of righteousness.

Moreover, Fareed Paracha, Tariq Naseem, Sajzada Tariqullah and other prominent JI leaders also addressed the participants on second day of the convention.




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