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Actress Humaima Malick ‘harassed’ at Lahore hotel

LAHORE: Pakistani actress Humaima Malick was reportedly harassed by an unidentified man while staying at a hotel in Lahore.

According to the actress, an unidentified stalker sent her message on phone insisting to discuss a “business proposal” with her at 2:00 am.

The screenshot of Humaima Malick’s Instagram post.

She wrote on her Instagram: “Evidence of the harassment I had to endure at Nishat Hotel. Be aware if you lose a loved one and someone dies in your family while staying at Nishat – you cannot cry in your room otherwise people might drop business cards… also [the hotel] haha they have posted my pictures without my consent to get some free publicity wow !!”

The man refused to reveal who gave him Humaima’s number and kept insisting that they had “mutual friends in Karachi.”

Humaima in her Instagram post said she had been upset because of a death in her family but Mr. stalker had to impart some golden advice regarding why she shouldn’t cry since “he (because she was obviously crying about a break up) wasn’t worth it”.



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