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Adeel wants strict action against law-breakers

Speaking at a joint sitting of the Parliament here, he lashed out at the PTI chief Imran Khan for representing Taliban in his views against the governemnt.

The gates from where we used to enter the parliament are still closed, he lamented while referring the protesters outside the Parliament House.

He said ‘terrorists are standing outside the parliament and checking the entrants.”

He said the current system should be changed. Those protesting should not make the PM’s resignation an issue of their ego. He said, “We have told the government that we are with them to save democracy.”

He asked the standing of the government “that has surrendered”.

The ANP senator asked Dr. Tahirul Qadri to provide names of his 30,000 workers which he claimed had been arrested by the government. “Our history is filled with rebels.

He said, “We still doubt the mandate of KP government and we have reservations on their style of governance.” He mocked that meals were being prepared for revolutionaries at Motorway.





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