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Adele’s estranged dad calls cops on neighbor for playing his daughter’s songs

Adele’s music has led to an incident involving police officers after her estranger father Mark Evans complained about his neighbor Keeley Fry blasting his famous daughter’s songs.

Mark, 56 – who walked out on his family when the superstar singer was just three, leaving her mother Penny Adkins to raise her single-handedly – is said to have been none too pleased when Adele superfan Keeley Fry started blasting her hits.

Mother-of-one Keeley, 21, told The Sun: ‘I just love singing Adele’s songs. All my friends say I sound just like her. I love playing her songs, too. I do play them loudly but not as bad as he makes out.’

Keeley told the publication that she moved in next door to Mark and his wife two years ago, claiming that they soon started running into problems with one another.



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