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Aditya Roy to observe fast on last day of Ramazan

According to Indian sources, Aditya Roy, who who lives in a Muslim-dominated part of Carter Road and surrounded by Muslim friends get inspired with the way people are coming together in groups to enjoy iftar every day during the month of Ramzan.

Moreover, several of his friends and acquaintances are fasting, and the actor has decided that he wants to be part of the festivities too.

With the neighbourhood decked out in lights and the day of Ramzan fast approaching, Aditya has witnessed the spirit of the festival as an onlooker, and he thinks it would be exciting to be among them and celebrate as they do.

“Just enjoying the food as an outsider on Eid is normal, and almost everyone indulges in it. But Aditya is observing the Roza and then planning to celebrate the day, which will be a new experience for him,” says the source.



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