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Adnan Sami reveals his weight loss secret

Adnan Sami the world’s fastest piano player has always maintained his presence in news reports whether it is about his marital status, musical journey or weight loss. Sami recently told the media that he has lost some 165 kg in recent years.

Adnan Sami says that people think he reduced weight with the doctors help and even he came to know that some doctors were taking the credit of his weight loss who he hasn’t even seen ever.They even use his workout as an advertisement for their own business, he further added.

While revealing the secret of his weight reduction the musician said that he has started using a high protein diet system according to which he can eat any protein he wants but it should be oil free. This diet plan is the actual secret behind his weight loss that brought some pleasant changes in his life like he got married to Roya Faryabi and also got an offer for a film.

Adnan Sami who has recently made his comeback to playback singing by a song in Shad Ali’s ‘Kill Dil’ will soon be seen in a fun film which will hit the floor in the beginning of 2015.



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