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Adobe’s new mystery app will fix your embarrassing selfies

Adobe is offering new tools to let users “fix” embarrassing selfies, as the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning division has released a trailer on self-improving feature to enhance selfies.

Adobe Sensei is already powering part of its online photo-matching services, but also aims to help simplify image processing and as powerful as Adobe Photoshop.

The as-yet unnamed app allows users to fiddle with their selfies even more and will “turn bad portraits into good ones.”

Many users do not realise that distortions have happened in selfies, which includes an elongated face and an oversize nose, until they compare them to a professionally photographed head shot.

Last July, researchers at Princeton University and Adobe Research developed a new image processing algorithm, which could correct the distortions and warping created when a selfie is taken close to a smartphone camera’s lens.


However, it seems that Adobe has incorporated this research into the mystery app demonstrated in the video below.

The app features others features which already exists such as applying another photo’s colors and style to our own, and even automatically removing a subject from the background to create a subtle depth of field effect, or even swapping out the background altogether.

It is unclear when Adobe plans to make this selfie-fixing app available to consumers, or if the company will roll out the technology into existing mobile apps. It is also uncertain if the app will be released at all.

However, it looks like a much better way to improve selfies, and Adobe’s focus towards smartphone apps make its likely that the app and more powerful editing tools for smartphones will be released.



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