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Advertorial: 4G A Lifestyle

Let’s rewind to 10 years back: wireless internet was far from being a household commodity, social media was in its infant stages, and the mobile industry was all about brick shaped handsets. 2015 presents a completely different picture altogether: mobile broadband is now accessible to a vast range of customers, social media has expanded beyond Facebook to ventures such as Twitter and LinkedIn amongst several others, and mobile producers are focused on providing sleek handsets incorporating advanced features to allow the experience of 4G as a lifestyle.

What does 4G as a lifestyle imply? Simply put, 4G implies complete connectivity at all times owing to extensive coverage and overlapping network ranges. Moreover, increased bandwidth implies much faster data transfer speed. This entails that friends, families and businesses remain connected at all times, whether to share music and pictures, to conduct long distance businesses or to remain updated with happenings across borders and continents. Equally important, 4G guarantees security and privacy owing to its reliable network. Such an assurance is fairly important at a time when internet users feel increasingly threatened by privacy breaches occurring every now and then.

It is also pertinent to note that 4G as a lifestyle does not merely imply a lifestyle for the rich and elite. Extensive coverage and affordable rates imply that it is possible to employ 4G to uses that transcend well beyond urban households and corporate businesses. Let’s go down one step lower down the corporate hierarchy ladder, and we find a boom of business ventures that are conducted entirely through social media windows. Imagine the increase in efficiencies these businesses will now be able to enjoy with 4G as an embodiment of much faster speed and much higher usage.

Let’s go several steps lower down the same ladder, and we find segments of the informal sector – street vendors and women in cottage industries for instance. Imagine the interaction of these capable but underprivileged individuals with 4G connectivity and the outcomes this can bear in terms of increased incomes, increased sense of business ownership and increased sense of integration with the world at large.

On a concluding note, the keywords to focus on here are accessibility and affordability. For while the current ICT scenario has indeed made it possible for features such as 4G to be accessible, accessibility does not automatically imply affordability. The gap between the two is a pressing concern, and this is precisely where Zong comes in, for it has managed to bridge the gap between accessibility and affordability through its affordable 4G enabled handset and bundles to allow its valued customers to truly enjoy 4G as a lifestyle.


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