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Afghan envoy in India backs ‘surgical strikes’ claim

KABUL: Afghan ambassador to India Dr. Shaida M. Abdali has backed the Indian claims of ‘surgical strikes’ within Pakistan.

According to Indian news agency, the Afghan envoy lauded Indian claims of surgical strikes in the neighboring country and said that strict action must be taken against safe havens of terrorists.

“Terrorism threaten us all if we do not combat it. Therefore we feel that the time has come for tough action against terrorists. There will be risk and cost involved in such measures but we have to undertake them because the time has come for us to combat this force,” Abdali said.

Afghanistan is proving to be a closer ally of India than Pakistan, who is hosting millions of Afghan refugees for several decades since the war erupted in the country after Soviet invasion in 1980s .

Pakistan’s northwestern neighbor was also one of the member countries who announced to pull out of the SAARC summit scheduled in Islamabad this year.



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