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Afridi hails Kohli’s match-winning innings against Pakistan

Virat Kohli struck an unbeaten 55 runs to help India beat Pakistan by six wickets in their heavily anticipated World Twenty20 fixture at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens stadium.

According to Indian news website, Afridi said that he did not expect the surface to turn that much but that was no excuse.

He hailed Kohli’s performance in the crunch match. “Kohli played an awesome innings under pressure”, he added.

The Pakistani skipper added that his side didn’t scored enough runs on the board. He also said that his bowlers along with himself did not bowl well.

“India play very well under pressure. Their batsmen play well under pressure and our batsmen have to learn from them in that aspect”, Afridi added.

We are playing Australia and New Zealand next, so we’ve got to play very well. This game is done, we need to quickly focus on the next game”, the Pakistani said.



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