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Afridi should have been more balanced with his statement: Meera

According to details, Meera spoke to a few media personnel and said she wanted the whole cricket team to return to Pakistan as victors and perform well in tomorrow’s match as well.

“You guys are doing well. Keep up the good work and don’t let pressure affect your game,” she said. Meera also gave an important message to the whole team while looking straight at the camera.

“Don’t take pressure, exert it onto the opposition,” she said.

Meera was also of the view that if under pressure, the team could not perform and that could be bad for them.

“We have one of the best teams in the world hence I don’t think they should play under pressure. See, when you’re under pressure you cannot perform well,” she said.

Meera was also asked to comment on Shahid Afridi’s recent comments in India where he said the national team received more love in India than it had ever received in Pakistan.

“I think he should have given a more balanced statement in India,” she said. “But it’s okay, it happens.”

Oh and before she closed the press conference, Meer also issued a special invitation to team Pakistan.

“When you return to the nation, come and watch my movie Hotal. Support your local Pakistani cinema,” she added.



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