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Afsheen, the girl whose head hangs down to her left

Mithi: Eight years old Afsheen wait for a Messiah

Afsheen the girls whose head hangs down to her left was only eight months old when she met with an accident while playing outside which lead to her head hanging down to her left.

Due to which she has trouble walking, talking, eating or doing anything on her own. Belonging to a poor family, there was nothing much her parents could do at that time to save their daughter from her misery.

However, they took her to a faith healer for treatment but that only worsened Afsheen’s situation. Eight years old now, Afsheen cannot go to school while the children of her locality are scared of her.

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Villagers, making things only difficult for her, say Afsheen’s condition is because of her sins. Afsheen’s father who is suffering from cancer himself says there is not much he can do to help his daughter.

The family sold off their house for Afsheen’s treatment but the doctors now say that she will have to undergo an operation for which her family has no resources. However, hoping Afsheen can grow up to live the life she deserves to, her family pleads to the government to help them in any way possible.

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