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After Edhi, social worker Aban’s generosity restores sight of two blind persons

A prominent social worker and a well-known philanthropist of the city Aban Jamal who passed away a few days ago also listed herself in the hall of fame by donating her pair of eyes for two blind men.

The ophthalmological team of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, after getting the cognizant of late social worker, retrieved the cornea in order to graft them into two blind men waiting since long to receive any such medical redressal.

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 Surgery was performed last week by SIUT team of eye surgeons led by Dr Akhtar Jamal. They grafted corneas in the eyes of Mohammad Farooq and Ali Nawaz the two men without vision. Recipient Farooq a 40 year old man doing odd jobs lost his vision in early childhood and continued to suffer with different eye related complication during major part of his life.

Forty two year old Nawaz, an operator by profession was another person who received eye donation. Nawaz suffered decreased vision in his both eyes from childhood.

He was on the waitlist for corneal transplant. Both the recipients belonging to low income group of society with no regular income and a large family to support had faced insurmountable problems which forced them to resign to the fate.

SIUT said here today that surgical procedure of both the person has been successful and the two men who were not known to each otherwise till now are now united with a common destiny as they both now can see the world.

Aban, mother of six children who also passed away earlier this week proved to be a messiah as her gifted corneas infused a new life in the life of two persons.



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