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After judicial commission, politics of lies will come to an end: Pervez Rasheed

Rasheed said the government had written a letter to the Supreme Court for the formation of the judicial commission. Very soon, the commission would come into being and would be comprised of honourable judges, he claimed.

“Those judges who did not bow their heads down in front of military dictators and for whom the public took to the streets, it is they who will be part of the judicial commission,” he said.

Rasheed also slammed PTI chief Imran Khan and said that the cricketer-turned-politician conducted the politics of rigidity and lies. He also said that at first, Khan used to reject the popular mandate and now, he is not ready to accept the Supreme Court’s judicial commission.

Pervez Rasheed lashed out at Imran Khan and said the PTI chief wanted to turn the country into a wrestling ground.
“Who will decide the matters of the nation, if not the Supreme Court? Will Kabaddi matches determine the decisions of the country?”



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