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After Pakistan’s sensational ‘chaiwala’, meet the striking ‘Tarbooz wala’!

KARACHI: After the widely-popular Arshad khan more commonly known as the ‘Chaiwala’ took the social media by storm with his blue eyes and handsome looks, a new sensation is going rounds on the social media now known as the ‘Tarbooz wala ‘ (watermelon man).

The Tarbooz wala was spotted in Karachi a couple of weeks ago serving some major looks as he slices up watermelons.

The watermelon seller’s looks have sent people into a frenzy, blushing over his looks and comparing him to his tea-selling counterpart.

Though this man isn’t exactly a fruit seller but actually a  medical student studying for his MBBS at Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy in Karachi, reported the MetroUk.

Though he hasn’t confirmed his details with Pakistani media, his friend, Muhammed Inshal told everyone he was actually a future doctor. 



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