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After Shah Rukh, Zarine Khan gets questioned at airport in New York

A little trouble brewed for Bollywood actress Zarine Khan, when she was pulled aside at the JFK airport in New York and questioned, before being let go.

Zarine Khan, who is a renowned Bollywood actress, is famous for her striking resemblance to Katrina Kaif. The actress was traveling to the United States with her manager and sister, when she was pulled aside and interrogated for a short while. Her sister was also taken aside for questioning whereas her manager was allowed to go through.

Zarine Khan

Zarine was asked about her visa and travel plans, to which she gave replies. This is what a source disclosed:-

“Zarine travels to the US quite often. But this time, when she landed at JFK, her manager was allowed to pass through immigration immediately, but she and her sister were taken to another room for questioning. Zarine was surprised, as she has visited the US a number of times, but she has never been questioned like this. She cooperated with the officials, and answered all the questions, post which, she was let off.”

The actress also confirmed the news and stated,”“It wasn’t pleasant, but I am always up for proper security clearance. Hence, I cooperated with the airport officials. I am in the US for a show, and I love the adulation I get from people here. That matters to me. I want to be in a positive frame of mind, and not let anything affect me.”

Zarine Khan’s next will film be with Arshad Warsi and is titled The Legend of Michael Mishra. 



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