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Aged 14 Swat's Hadiqa Bashir wins prestigious Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award

Hadiqa has long been striving to stop underage marriages in her hometown and succeeded in many cases.

She has been trying to spread awareness among other girls and their parents in the local neighborhood about child marriages and how beneficial it is for their daughters to complete their education.

Hadiqa received the prestigious Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award from President of Global Ties USA, Dr. Jennifer Clinton, becoming the youngest recipient of it.

The award ceremony took place at the Marriot Louisville to acknowledge the contributions of the people from all over the world with regard to human rights, social justice and peace. Speaking at the ceremony, Hadiqa Bashir said that she felt greatly honored having received the award. Hadiqa’s father Iftikhar Hussain said that it was difficult for him to elaborate his feelings witnessing the achievements of his daughter.



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