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Evidences of ‘influencing’ of Dr Asim case collected: sources

“Several sessions of constitutional experts were held at CM House and IG House to ponder over as to how Dr Asim Hussain could be dragged out from the case against him,” our correspondent Kashif Hussain told, quoting sources privy to affairs. “Suggestions were sought from the experts on the matter.”

He said that the Sindh government headed by CM Qaim Ali Shah was directed by his party’s hierarchy to pull Dr Hussain out of the case.

The removal of investigation officer (IO) of the case and appointment of another official, and the omission of terrorism clauses from the chargesheet all came as part of the move to save the former federal minister, he added.

For this, DSP Altaf Hussain was directed by the CM House and the IG House, who in his report today declared Dr Hussain innocent and apprised the Sindh High Court (SHC) of not having found any evidences against him.

Dr Hussain is accused of facilitating terrorists’ treatment at his hospital and sheltering them.



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