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Twitter has found Ahad Raza Mir’s Indian lookalike

After Hamza Ali Abbasi found his doppelganger in Pakistan, it’s now Ahad Raza Mir’s turn to find his in India.

The internet is drawing comparisons between Mir and Indian actor Gurfateh Singh Pirzada.

He stars in a new Netflix original from India Guilty as a high school heartthrob – who’s a villain. The film produced by Karan Johar has just hit the streaming site.

Twitterati is not talking about the relatively new face’s acting or his role in the series but his uncanny resemblance to our very own heartthrob Mir.

This user who found Mir’s doppelganger calls him his Indian twin.

Does Gurfateh really look like Mir though?

Gurfateh indian lookalike




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