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Ahsan hopeful for crisis to resolve through talks

Talking to media after negotiations, Ahsan Iqbal said that advancement took place between the government and the PAT and it is hoped that the crisis will be resolved. He declined to reveal the bits of the meeting, saying, “We do not want speculations to be made for it can harm the process”.

Iqbal said that both the committees will again meet tomorrow at 4 pm, to further the negotiations to reach a logical conclusion.

Responding to a question about the recent floods in different parts of the country, the minister replied, “We have already asked both the PTI and PAT to call off their sit-ins as it is a time for everyone to help the flood-victims”.

He elaborated the magnitude of the flood that under high flood situation 35000 cusecs of water used to pass through the Nala Dake, while the quantity of water now is 73000 cusecs.

The Minister for Planning and Development said that both the protesting parties have their own choice, yet the government is seriously pondering upon addressing their issues.

Meanwhile, PAT leader Raheeq Abbasi told that it is being tried that all our legal and constitutional demands including the compensation for the victims of Model Town incident, are accepted through talks.

He also said that the PAT is aware of the difficulties of the flood-victims and vowed that the sit-in will not obstruct the relief process.

Abbasi said, “We will be helping the flood-affectees sitting back at the sit-in through the Minhaj Welfare Foundation and will not leave them alone in this testing time.



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