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Ahsan Iqbal slams political alliances against PML-N govt

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday slammed political alliances against the ruling party, viewing the emergence of the alliances a conspiracy against the government to complete its tenure.

Addressing an event here, Iqbal said Pakistan faced continuous political instability that badly affected the democratic process.

Throwing light on the country’s unstable economy, he said the growth rate in dictatorial regimes was boosted with the help of funding from international countries.

The artificial prosperity was promoted in the country under the martial law, remarked Iqbal who additionally holds the charge of the Planning and Development ministry.

He said the invocation of the controversial Article 58-2(b) led to destabilization of democratic governments in past.

Iqbal said when the PML-N government assumed power in 2013 the economy was simply in shambles and security situation was alarming. The situation has now changed.

“The government through an efficient strategy had been able to overcome security problems and energy shortage,” the interior minister added.

Deploring anti-government alliance of opposition parties, he said this would open a new chapter of political instability in the country.



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