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Aircraft makes emergency water landing, video goes viral

FLORIDA: In a shocking incident, a World War-II ear aircraft made an emergency landing on the ocean along Florida’s Cocoa Beach during an air show.

In the video, the single-engine TBM Avenger can be seen descending low in a controlled fashion before coming to a skidding halt in the ocean. The aircraft landed safely on the surface of the ocean and no one was injured in the incident.


According to the local media, the aircraft, which was performing in the air show on Cocoa Beach faced mechanical issues post which the forced landing on the water took place. Neither the pilot nor the people in the area were hurt in the incident, said, emergency officials.

In a statement, Cocoa Beach Air Show officials said, “The TBM Avenger performing in the warbird parade had a mechanical issue and the pilot was able to bring the plane down close to the shore. Rescue personnel were immediately on the scene and the pilot is OK.”



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