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Airliner makes emergency landing at Karachi airport

The airplane kept hovering over the airport for around an hour to burn extra fuels to avoid combustion in case of crash landing. Tires of Shaheen Air International plane, NL 901, burst with take off. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials said they had found parts of tires from runway after the aircraft had flown off.


Attempts were made to first land the plane at Islamabad airport and then Lahore airport, however landing was not allowed because of bad weather conditions. Then Karachi airport was contacted and emergency landing was made here after getting green light.

The airplane took three rounds over Karachi airport to waste fuel to avoid any untoward incident. The official sources said Captain was continuously in contact with control room and after getting clearance the airplane was landed at the airport. The captain had expressed his reservations to the control room that tire of the plane had burst.


All the arrangements were made to avoid any big accident. Rescue and fire brigade force and CAA officials were also present on the occasion.

A senior CAA expert said the plane could make emergency landing at Manchester Airport as well, but emergency landing was made at Karachi to avoid fine.

Passengers of the flight were caught with fear as their life hung in balance during all this drama.

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