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AirPods won’fall, says Tim Cook

“I’d been wearing them for a while and because they don’t have wires on them, the wires tend the earbud to fall out as it applies weight on them. By snipping the wires, I never had one fall out,” said Cook in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

About where to keep them, Cook said that the AirPods come with a little case and “magnetically they (AirPods) will magentically suck down in the case”.

“It is a great place to charge them and keep them.” said Cook.

Apple announced AirPods with the launch of iPhone 7 and many termed it an end to the headphone jack but then came criticism that the wireless device might fall or one might lose track of them as they have literally no wires attached to them.


Cook maintained that his experience suggests that AirPods never fall.

“They are absolutely magical as well. All you have to do is to open the case, it will automatically appear on your iPhone, put them in, I can listen to music or a phone call, I can tap, I can talk to Siri. I can remove an AirPod and the music will stop automatically, and when I put it back, it starts again,” said Cook.


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