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Airport security should be reviewed from scratch: Rehman Malik

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Rehman Malik has said that the security of Karachi Airport should be reviewed thoroughly, ARY News reports.

Speaking to media at Jinnah Airport, Rehman Malik said that the walls around the airport are small and the security should be beefed up keeping in view the dense population around the airport.

Malik also said that the federal government is responsible for the security of the airport. The provincial government only assists it. He urged that the centre should take steps against terrorism after learning their lesson from the last incident which has damaged the reputation of the country.

Further speaking on the occasion, the PPP Senator said that the people trapped inside the cargo terminal could have been saved and building collapse was just a reason made to cover up for it.

“The security plan of the airport should not be made on ad-hoc basis”, Malik said.

He claimed that Afghan intelligence was behind the attack and investigation should be carried out as to how and why did Indian ammunition arrived in the country.

Commenting on the drone attacks in the country, he said that Pakistan should protest against the aerial strikes as there is no reason they should be carried out.



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