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AirSelfie drone camera is all selfie enthusiasts want

Selfie enthusiasts and smartphone photographers who love to capture images from different perspectives would be highly delighted to have the new miniature camera drone which has been created by AirSelfie.

Selfies are no more confined to sticks. The smallest drone in the world allows you to take selfies without a stick or connected wire. You can control it through your smart phone.

The AirSelfie drone, which is small enough to fit into your smartphone case and supports both iOS and Android devices, is synchronized with your mobile phone.

It will take the form of a portable flying camera once you take it out of its cover and launch it in the air using the AirSelfie companion application.

How It Works

Step 1

Place the drone on your palm and launch it in the air from your phone using the AirSelfie app available for iOS and Adnroid.


Step 2

AirSelfie has three flight functions which can be controlled through paired app

  • Selfie mode is the easiest with only two directional buttons to move AirSelfie far and close.
  • Selfie Motion Control mode controls the drone in real time with the virtual joystick of app.
  • In flying mode, once you find the perfect positioning for the shot, the device stays still with the help of hovering function.



Step 3

Land AirSelfie back on your hand and put it in its case where it will be recharged.


Step 4

The pics will immediately start downloading into your mobile device through wifi.


Why AirSelfie?

  • It will help fit big group of people in one snap and frame beautiful sunset in your picture
  • You don’t anymore need to stretch your arm with a selfie stick
  • It will catch every detail of your fun day with lifesize pictures
  • It will help you explore new world from above

Product Features

  1. Aluminum Housing with anodize process
  2. 5MP camera
  3. Gyro/ Barometer/ Geomagnetic sensor & 2.4 GHz Wifi
  4. Brushless motor
  5. Built-in micro SD card 4GB
  6. 240mAh 7.4v built-in battery
  7. USB connection
  8. Size: 3.72*2.65*0.42in 52g weight
  9. Power bank smartphone case
  10. Altitude sonar & stability camera
  11. Makes your video accessible in other languages and to deaf and hard-of-hearing backers


The device is reportedly cheaper than normal miniature drones.



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