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WATCH: Karachiite allegedly steals mobile phone during his aitekaf

KARACHI: In what strikes as a sardonic turn of events taking place in a Gizri mosque, a CCTV footage has Tuesday revealed a man in aitekaf allegedly stealing a mobile phone of a fellow aitekaf observer and all this while walking around in the premises pretending to read something, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the local police have arrested the suspect following the video evidence, going viral on social media, divulged the details of the incident in the Gizri area mosque.

The video shows a man walking around the mosque with the holy Quran in hands, pretending to recite it, goes through the stuff of a fellow aitekaf observer and lifts his phone allegedly.

Superintendent of Gizri Police Station SP Zubair said the probe is trying to recover the stolen phone from the suspect who remains in police custody.

READ ALSO: Lahore SHO removed for negligence leading to murder of UK girl

Separately today on the security scene in Lahore, only after eight days passed the murder of a Pakistan-origin British girl that the security authorities of Punjab have on Tuesday realized it better to remove the concerned Station House Officer (SHO) from his post after a probe last week found the deceased had reached out to police for security.

According to the details, Lahore police have announced the removal of SHO posted in Police Station Defence B, within the remits of which the murder of Maira Zulfiqar took place.

Additionally, the female Superintendent of Police (SP) Sidra Khan has been let off with a warning in the same case.



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