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Has PML-N recorded videos for blackmailing purpose, questions Aitzaz Ahsan

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader, Aitzaz Ahsan, on Saturday questioned the top leadership of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) for the purpose of recorded videos and expressed his suspicions for its usage for blackmailing purpose.

Aitzaz Ahsan expressed his thoughts while talking to ARY News programme ‘Aiteraz Hai’ hosted by Adil Abbasi.

The PPP leader said that the PML-N leaders are claiming for possession of various videotapes and these are being used to blackmail others. He questioned, “Has PML-N captured the videotapes for blackmailing purpose?”

Ahsan said, “The court had said that forensic probe can be opened if the original video presented before it. PML-N has not produced the [scandalous] video before the court. Maryam Nawaz will be indicted in a case if she produced the video in the court.”

“Nawaz League has the responsibility to provide the original video and its maker to the court. If an unedited version of the video is present, then they should have moved to the court. I am telling you that they would be behind bars in case of the provision of an edited video.”

“Two months have passed but PML-N failed to prove its evidence. PML-N leadership has not done well with [incarcerated former prime minister and party’s supremo] Nawaz Sharif. If Khawaja Haris was present there, he shouldn’t allow them to do such things. I have my sympathies with Nawaz Sharif over being kept him as a prisoner but law should be implemented.”

He reminded that the political party had done it same with Justice Qayyum as the audiotapes of Saifur Rehman and Justice Rashid Aziz late were played at that time.

“If the older video of the judge proved in the court than a case could be filed under Hudood regulations. However, it is the fact that a video cannot suspend the verdict of a judge,” Ahsan said.

The PPP leader predicted that the case cannot be taken to the high court if the certain video was not provided to the court and whenever the matter moved into the court, those submitted it will record their statements with the affidavit.

While commenting over the situation of Indian occupied Kashmir, Aitzaz Ahsan said that Narendra Modi had jailed around 90 lakh Kashmiris in IOK and the Indian military became occupation forces there. He suggested the federal government should move to the international court of crimes against India.



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