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Aitzaz says government will not fall

“We are though forced to stand with the government, but once the prevailing crisis ends, the PPP will do staunch opposition in the parliament against the government,” he said while addressing the joint session of the parliament.

Ahsan, criticizing the government policies, termed it wrong in tackling the Model Town incident and protest sit-ins in Islamabad.

He asked the government to review its performance and policies to resolve the current crisis.

He said there was a suspicion that the incumbent government, if it survived this crucial phase, would emerge as more egotistical. Ahsan said that protesters would not have taken to the streets of Islamabad had there been no Model Town incident.

He said parliament was standing with the prime minister and the government.

He referred to Imran, saying how he could seek resignation of PM when the PTI chief failed to take resignation from the KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.

He said those claiming to lead the protest from the front were actually behind and used women and children as shield. “PPP at least has no such traditions. Our leaders always led from the front in all protests,” he added.

Ahsan said Imran should tell about the mistakes of the provinces which could also come under the wave of anarchy that might come in the wake of political crisis.

He said the revolution has purity and it should not be doctored.

Earlier in his speech, he thanked Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan in mockery of the government for making Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif turn to the parliament.



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