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Ajmal’s average elbow extension is 40°: ICC report

According to the ICC report, Ajmal was found to flex his elbow up to an average of 42 degrees while bowling during the tests conducted at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane on August 25.

The results of over-by-over testing as per the ICC report are as follows,

1st over, offspin over the wicket: Average elbow extension 39 degrees

2nd over, offspin over the wicket: 37 degrees

3rd over, offspin around the wicket: 41 degrees

4th over, offspin around the wicket (wide of the crease): 41 degrees

5th over, offspin around the wicket: 42 degrees

6th over, doosra around the wicket: 40 degrees

7th over, quicker balls around the wicket: 38 degrees

8th over, quicker balls over the wicket: 42 degrees

As per ICC rules, a bowler can have maximum elbow extension or flex – the amount he bends and straightens his elbow while delivering the ball – of 15 degrees; anything more, and the action is deemed to be illegal.

Ajmal was assessed bowling different varieties from two different sides and none of the deliveries were close to the permissible limit, the report stated.



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